come England u weebs

Ok tell all your friends to pool money together for our plane tickets


i saw michysoong's “what's in my bag” thingy and it like a cool fun thing to do so I made one of my own oop  after doing this i realized how boring the things i carry around w/ me are whoops



i saw michysoong's “what's in my bag” thingy and it like a cool fun thing to do so I made one of my own oop

after doing this i realized how boring the things i carry around w/ me are whoops


Are you going to do a reissue of the Vacation Wasteland cassette? I was looking forward to buying a copy for my music collection because the album is seriously fantastic but was disappointed to find out it was sold out.

At somepoint soon!

off the album LUST

-a reflection of you on cold cement as i look down at all my tears-

Directed by Dataerase

Released by Attack The Music / ZOOM LENS

Live at Cafe Stritch, Fanime After Party 5/24/2014

Some clips from one of my favorite shows we’ve done, it’s in reverse order for some reason so the last song we played is first but whatever. Lovely memories <3 



Hey everyone! This week in Los Angeles many of us on Zoom Lens will be attending events involved with or taking place nearby Anime Expo. If you’re in the area this weekend please stop by! Here are some of the things we’ll be apart of:

July 4th- 8bitLA Presents: WEEBBQ!
feat. Cyclops Rock, Space Boyfriend, Slime Girls + More

July 4th- MEISHI SMILE at AXDance [9:30 - 11:00 PM]
Need an AX Badge to enter or $20 if not. 18+ cut off in line at 10:00 PM

July 5th- OMORI at Crunchyroll Booth [4:00 PM]
Our friend OMOcat will be talking about their new game OMORI, along with composers of the soundtrack Space Boyfriend and Slime Girls.

July 5th- 8bitLA Presents: 8-Bit Battle Royale
feat. Cyclops Rock vs. Slime Girls

July 5th- Revolution Boi at AXDance [8:30 - 10:00 PM]
Our pal Revolution Boi dropped an amazing mixtape on Zoom Lens earlier this year. He will also be playing at AXDance!

catch the wave~

LLLL - Assume
1,655 plays


LLLL (pronounced either four el or el el el el) are a new rising group that center their music around an electronic/newwave sound that’s ethereal enough to be considered shoegaze at times. Although from Tokyo, the group have a strong footing in the western countries possibly due to releasing their newest album, “Paradice”, earlier this week through Meishi Smile’s California based Zoom Lens Label. 

Having started this project in 2012 as a way to channel mixed emotions caused by the Tohoku earthquake, LLLL took an atmospheric approach both lyrically and musically. With very soft, hazy, and heartfelt lyrics most always sung in English they reminded me a lot of Purity Ring off the bat, and like PR they were also able to evoke this almost uneasy yet fine tension, like being softly touched by someone unfamiliar or having them whispering personal secrets into your ear.

"Paradice" is simply incredible it blew me away. There’s a subtle crunch instrumentally that slightly bounces off of the wispy vocals enough for you to never lose interest or mark it off as background noise. Listening  to this album while driving downtown in a beautifully lit city would probably be on my bucket list if it weren’t such an easily obtainable goal. You can download this free via Zoom Lens’ bancamp or, like in my case, buy the CD. 

Visit LLLL’s Bandcamp HERE

Like them on Facebook HERE

Read an interview from Lightsandmusic HERE

Download this album or buy the CD HERE

people still use the cassette format for things?

Yeah I love it alot. I love the physical quality to it, I love it aesthetically and I also love how it sounds. There’s alot of music that I find greatly enhanced by the low quality and massive amount of compression. To me, not all music is meant to be listened to on the highest quality largest speaker and subwoofer system you can find in the same way that some music is best listened to on headphones. Some music just sounds perfect through a bad boom box. 

I'm a new fan, and I can't get enough stuff from you! I've already downloaded Vacation Wasteland, and some music from your soundcloud, and I was wondering, are you planning on coming out with different stuff in your online store, or will you just be restocking the same items? Not that I don't want the other stuff...

There will be a restock on some items, and then brand new items in the coming months~ Don’t want to spoil too much but there’s gonna be some pretty sick stuff coming. Also new music yeah woah what huh~